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Backlog 2

Backlog 2


In Summer 2011 the ‘Longdogs’ were asked to select twenty songs they would most like to hear performed and re-recorded.

A temporary recording studio was set up in deepest Suffolk at the house of our good friends Richard & Lin Patterson, and Steve and Phil took on the task of capturing eighteen of the songs in just two days with the help of engineer and producer Mark Tucker. A ‘house concert’ on the second night was recorded and there are three live songs from this session on the second CD.

The songs are recorded simply with no extras, effects or overdubs.

CD One:

  1. Cold Frontier
  2. The Bristol Slaver
  3. High Germany
  4. Captains
  5. The Oak
  6. Armadas
  7. Cold Heart of England
  8. The Preacher
  9. The Warlike Lads of Russia

CD Two:

  1. Crazy Boy
  2. Cut-throats, Crooks and Con-men (Live)
  3. Don’t It Feel Good
  4. Man Of War (Live)
  5. Roaring Water Bay
  6. Sit You Down
  7. Unlock Me (Live)
  8. The Man in Green
  9. You’re Mine

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Words and Music of the Great War

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Show of Hands are undeniably one of the strongest current forces in acoustic music - England's finest and most popular roots duo and something of a "people's band".

"Formidable operators in the roots arena. A class act"

The Independent

"Voted Best Duo and the Best Original Song"

2010 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards